Undergraduate Summer Internships

We request you to consider offering internships to students during the two months or part thereof, of their summer break. Selections commence from January each year, for students who seek to intern in your organization during the months of April and May of that year.

Undergraduate students from the following departments, after their second year of undergraduate study, seek internships or field experiences of 6 to 8 weeks duration:

  •  Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, English Literature, Commerce, Anthropology, Ancient Indian Culture, and  History.
  •  Bachelor of Mass Media (Advertising and Marketing)
  •  Bachelor of  Management Studies
  •  Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Economics).
  •  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Biochemistry, Geology, Life Sciences, Zoology, Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry, Biotechnology and IT.
  • Bachelor of Vocation Studies (B.Voc.) in Tourism and Software Development

NB: This internship, project or fieldwork exposure earns the students an Additional Internship credit, over and above their academic credits.

Employers are therefore requested to award the internee a certificate on completion, stating the hours of work put in and some evaluation of the quality of work.