Dear Final Year Students,

Soon you will qualify to be called ex-Xavierites and will be part of our Alumni! Is that a heady feeling or does it scare you somewhat? Many feel a touch of regret to be leaving this beautiful campus, for the challenges of Corporate Life.

St. Xavier’s College is eager to reach out to help you make that transition.

In the academic year, 2018 – 2019, the Placement Cell brought on campus potential Employers which resulted in confirmed offers to around 166 students. This year, we will try and do even better. Plans are afoot for an online Planner on this site, w.e.f. July 20th, 2019, which will tell you which Employer is coming on what day. We will make available to you, a note on Career Planning, have a Placement Orientation sometime in the last week of July 2019 with interactive talks. Provided students are willing to commit to attending in large numbers, we will organize a Workshop on CV preparation, early in the year, followed by a session on mock interviews, bringing out the dos and don’ts of interviewing.

Placement Policy:

At the outset, we would request all our dear final year students to understand the underlying rationale behind our Placement Policy. Students who appear and decline job offers or who accept and hold more than one offer; deprive fellow students of an employment opportunity. More importantly, Employers who have St. Xavier’s College Students withdrawing; invariably lose faith in the students of the College and may not come back in the following year. This works to the detriment of the Student Body at large.

Following our Career Planning advice, students are expected to attend as many of the Pre-Placement Talks, as possible, by Campus Visitors, with a view to focusing on a Career. We will announce the names of Employers who confirm plans to visit, as soon as the same becomes known. Remember, if you find the right Career role, in a Company where merit is recognized, then the sky is the limit. We urge you to study the job description, consult with a mentor and ask yourself if it is commensurate with your Career Plans, Aptitude, and Educational background. If yes, then get to know about the Employer, from their Company website, before attending the talk.

Students should feel free to ask the Campus Visitor any reasonable question e.g. location of the job and transfer policy, Compensation & Career progression, terms & conditions e.g is there a bond? Remember in Offer letters, Employers give very brief details. Terms & Conditions are usually given in an Employee Handbook, which is given to new recruits only on joining i.e when they actually become employees.

Once students have a fair idea of the Employer and the job, they should make a decision as to whether the Opportunity presented meets with their Career aspirations or not. Students should attend the selection process of the Campus Visitor, only if their respective Career Plans are met. If in doubt, kindly DO NOT attend the selection round i.e. Test, Group Discussion, Interview.

Consequently, if you attend and are selected for the role advertised by the Placement Cell, you MUST ACCEPT. If thereafter you DECLINE, you will be DEBARRED automatically, from appearing for any other Employer, brought on Campus by St. Xavier’s College. Additionally, even if you are under consideration with any other Employer, they will be requested to cancel your candidature.

Similarly, when you accept but have already begun the process at more than one Employer brought on Campus by St. Xavier’s College; on accepting an Offer, with anyone Employer, you must compulsorily withdraw with all other employer/s brought on Campus by St. Xavier’s College, immediately after acceptance. T.Y Students who appear for INTERNSHIPS, (other than Summer Internships in April/May only ) are also bound by this rule.

For any clarification, please contact the Placement Convenor, Prof. (Ms.) Soni George, Head of the BMS Dept., (Hostel Bldg. 2nd floor) or at the Placement Cell Office (XIC Bldg. – ground floor) or the Placement Officer, Mr. Dominic Fernandes, at the Placement Cell Office (XIC Bldg. – ground floor).