St. Xavier’s College, which is humming with activity throughout the Academic Year, reserves the right to accept requests for campus visits / off campus interviews at its own discretion, based on its internal priorities and time constraints. Sometimes it is not possible to oblige all requests. The College, as a policy, will not divulge names of campus visitors nor compensation paid by visiting Employers.

  1.  The St. Xavier’s College Placement Cell will respond to all Employers who communicate a firm intent to recruit students from the College during the academic year 2019-2020.
  2. All campus visits will be on pre-agreed dates commencing from August 2019 onwards. However, please note that visits take place only after 2.30 p.m. The College does not have facilities for morning interviews.
  3. Prospective Employers are advised that the College placement policy debars students from attending additional campus offerings if they have submitted themselves to the process with one Employer and been made a confirmed Offer. The Policy debarring the student applies irrespective of whether the student accepts the Offer or not. It also requires the student to withdraw from an ongoing process, with another Employer which was in progress prior to receiving the Confirmed Offer. This may tend to disadvantage the Employer who was also simultaneously evaluating the Student. However, it will be realized and appreciated that the Policy overall works to the advantage of all Employers.  Hence, St. Xavier’s College requests Employers to complete the recruitment process expeditiously and make offers at the very earliest possible, thus securing the prospective recruit.
  4. Employers are advised that students sometimes secure admission for further studies at overseas Universities later in the year and despite their initial interest in job placement; they withdraw from the job offers they had accepted. It is therefore recommended that an Employer always keeps a second choice as a fallback.
  5. St. Xavier’s College does not release databases of students under any circumstances. When a student expresses interest in a particular job offer, we will release his/her CV to the Employer, who is then free to correspond directly with the student. On occasion, the students may also apply directly, at our request.
  6. Employers are requested to keep the College advised of all offers sent to our students and are requested to share a soft copy of the employment contract with us.
  7. The decision of the Placement Officer will be final and binding on Employers/Students alike.

The Placement Cell of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) would be grateful, if Employers hiring new recruits from our students, make a contribution to the College of a sum at least equivalent to 2% of the gross annual compensation, of the new recruit. Cheques may kindly be made out to “The Bombay St. Xavier’s College Society.”