St. Xavier’s College has established its reputation for highly motivated, committed and competent students who form a vast pool of human talent, with competencies in various fields of human activity.

We cordially invite prospective employers to contact us, both for campus interviews of undergraduate students graduating in April 2020 and for summer internships during April and May 2020. The college does not encourage students to intern or work part-time during the academic year.

Get access to our highly motivated and ambitious students early, before your competitors do!

 Principal’s Message

A Warm Welcome, to all Prospective Employers, to this website: “Xavier’s Talent” which seeks to give access to the valuable human resources we nurture at St. Xavier’s. At a time when the country seems to be swallowing the news that most of the graduates of our Colleges are unemployable, you will find refreshing evidence, which you can test for yourselves, that our graduates are of world class and that the world, in the form of international companies, is already knocking on our doors.

Our students have had tremendous exposure to different experiences – academic, cultural and service learning, they have practised the skills of analytical thinking and critical reflection, their creativity has been tested in many contexts and they are highly motivated and competent to give back to the world – in an attempt to make it a better place for all.

We invite all Recruiters to come onto campus, experience the atmosphere, interact with our students and then make them offers that they will not be tempted to refuse. Some of our undergraduate students will want to pursue higher studies but a large number are ready to gain the experience of the workplace and will make a significant contribution to the organisation that recruits them, just as they have contributed to the prestige of our College.
We hope you have successful and enriching placement sessions at St. Xavier’s – tapping our talent!

Dr. Rajendra Shinde